General questions
Cycle Now supports these cities (networks). Since Cycle Now is powered by Citybik.es to receive bike data, if Citybik.es adds your city to their list, then it will be supported. Email us if you have a special request and we'll try to add support for your city if they have an open API.
You can track station availability for a specific station. For instance, you are biking to work and there's 2 docks left near your work. You can set a tracker to alert if you there are few docks or no docks.

Alarm - NO bikes/docks available
Honk - One bike/dock available or network error tracking
Bell ring - New bike/dock available.

When you set a tracker, your media volume will be set to max so you can hear these important alerts in loud city streets amongst traffic. However, this feature can be disabled under settings.

Be sure to swipe or exit the notification once you're done tracking to avoid hearing this loud alert!
For the best experience, enabling location services and granting permission is recommended. Cycle Now serves the most relevant information, such as presenting you with nearby stations and re-organizing your favourites based on your current location, so you don't have to spend time searching for your bike station. Your location is never shared with any 3rd parties and is only used for this sole purpose.
Device support
Yes! An iOS version of Cycle Now can be found on iTunes.
We have plans to work on them.

See contact information on Google Play.

Please help out your local indie app developer by rating Cycle Now on Google Play and sharing it with your friends. Your kind support will only encourage me to work harder and make the app as best as possible.

If you are unhappy about something, please refrain from 1-starring or writing a bad review. Please keep in mind this app is created by a human. Instead, email me with constructive feedback and I am more than happy to work with you to make your transit experience even better!